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  • How do you ensure all the dogs get along?
    For the safety of all dogs in our care and staff, we are extremely strict and only accept social well-mannered pooches. We operate a 3 step screening process. Step 1: Book an initial consultation with us. All initial consultations are held at our daycare centre so we can have a cuppa and a chat about you, your dog! We will discuss how we can help you and complete all necessary paperwork and book your dog in for a trial day with us. Step 2: Your dogs trial day! During the trial day, we look at how your dog interacts with the other dogs with food, toys and play. After your dogs successful trial day, they'll move onto a closely monitored trial month. Step 3: Trial month, during this time we get to know your dog, build bonds and ensure their day is tailored to their specific requirements. We have different areas at daycare to suit dogs of all ages and abilities. **We do not take on any dogs with a history of aggression in any form.
  • Are you fully insured?
    Yes, we are fully insured by a specialist animal trade insurer. Our insurance covers, public liability; daycare, custody, control and transportation of your dog; loss of keys.
  • Do you accept puppies and small dogs?
    We sure do! We require puppies to be 12 weeks of age, up to date with vaccinations and have the go-ahead from your vet. New pups that join us will follow a dedicated puppy program. Small dogs and puppies have a dedicated play area.
  • Do you work weekends & Bank Holidays?
    Currently The Mucky Hound operates from Monday-Friday.
  • Do you need me to be at home on collection and drop off?
    No, you can carry on with your day as normal. We request two sets of keys at our initial consultation to enable us to offer our service hassle-free!
  • Can I visit the The Mucky Hound daycare centre?
    YES! We actively encourage you to visit the daycare centre. Our initial consults are held at our centre, we want everyone to see what we offer!
  • Are the dogs supervised at all times?
    Yes, we have an excellent dog to human ratio to ensure everyone is safe. Your dog will be under constant supervision by our team of experienced doggy supervisors at the daycare centre, and will NEVER be left unattended.
  • What happens when it rains or is too cold for my dog to be outside?
    It's true, some dogs don't like the rain and cold that much! We have heated areas of daycare that are always open for your dog to enjoy cuddles in the warm!
  • Do you only accept well trained dogs?
    No, many owners have noticed an improvement in their dog's behaviour after attending The Mucky Hound. However, we only accept social dogs that have no history of aggression.
  • My dog is intact, can he still join The Mucky Hound?"
    All adult dogs must be spayed or neutered. We class all dogs of 1 year old as an adult.
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