If you are thinking about bringing a new puppy or rescue dog into your life and are finding the process overwhelming and a bit of a mind field, Jess can help!

We can work together to work towards finding the right companion for your family.

initial consultation

The initial one hour consultation will take place in your home. We will discuss your lifestyle in depth and discuss any changes that may need to be made to your home in preparation for a dog. We will also discuss some potential breeds for you to research and give advice on what to expect from a repeatable breeder.

The initial consultation is a super place to start when deciding on getting a puppy or rescue dog.

Initial Consultation: £100

"The search"

Finding the right dog for you

So, you've decide that you're going to do this, you're ready to take the leap and become a dogmama/papa!

Once we have decide on the right path for you then we can dive in and start "the search". Based on what we discussed in the initial consultation I will reasearch potential breeders or rescue dogs, This is a super exciting time for you so I will communicate any advances in the search weekly.

Every home set up is different so the journey to your new family member can take sometime, sometimes weeks. Don't try to rush this stage, I know your ready now but finding the right dog and right breeder is cruital and if your looking to rescue then we need to be sure you can meet their needs and are equipped to deal with any challenges they may present. New owners will have to be open and flexible at this stage in the process.

One month of research including contact on a weekly basis, with additional support offered when going to view litters, dogs, or puppies if required.

"The Search": £300 per month

Just a little note, if I do not think you currently offer a home or lifestyle suitable for a dog or puppy, I reserve the right to decline to work with you at this time.

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